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El Amana which working in the field of water treatment and injection system since 1986.
El Amana has accomplished during the last 3 decades, more than 200 projects in the field of water treatment and Sewage all over Egypt. But with the modern and contemporary Markets’ requirements, and with the future challenges that face the Egyptian industrialists, it was a must for the founders of El Amana to develop their outlook towards the future.
El Amana Company has achieved many achievements in Water Treatment and Injection System till it became the sole agent for many international Companies in Egypt like:

  • Lutz Jesco GmbH an ISO 9001, ISO 14000
  • Lutz Pumping Germany.
  • Techno Pool Germany.
  • Shangahi high pressure China.

El Amana is considered now, the new identity that suits the present and understand the language of the future, with developing product lines to include new products and services.
In the current trend of the Egyptian Economy to rely on a local product manufacturing that reduces the large volume of imports, to achieve inner self sufficient as a first step to reach the global market.


With the global development and intensification of the competition for the takeover of the Middle East market, what constitutes a burden on its economy, the main objective of “El Amana” is to find a local alternative to the products that are imported.
That is why we see that replacing the imported products with local ones would expand gradually the local products in water and sanitation projects. That would result in return to reduce losses of foreign currency and doubles the trained, skilled Egyptian laborers, what contributes in reducing the numbers of unemployment and maximizing domestic investment instead of waiting the foreign ones, and thus increase the size of national income.


We are part of the Egyptian industrial community, but our geographical belonging doesn’t mean isolationism on the local reality as we are working on developing our products to compete with the international ones to be put on the international developed industry map, so we can be one of the first developers of it, which make us one of the leaders towards a future improves the life level of the humanity that would include the Egyptians themselves.

Our Products


Chemical Centrifugal Pumps



Measuring Control Equipment

Our Services

El Amana is offering many services in the field of business development generally, but specialized in the field of water treatment and injection system, till it became the sole agent in Egypt for many international company, where our company is studying and implementing water treatment stations and Sewage treatment plants with all the powers we have to supply the equipment needed to manufacture and operate.

Manufacture and assembly chlorine injection unit

Manufactures and assembly of refineries (Manual – mechanical)

Manufacture and assembly Operation Table and control the Sewage filters


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